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Struggling and turmoil are signs of self-awareness!!!

"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." ~Matthew 11:28
      The most important thing in your life is your relationship with Jesus Christ.  But many times this life "in Christ" is attacked from the outside when we allow the influence of our friends or circumstances to interfere with our focus on Jesus.  When we lose our focus on Jesus and start focusing on ourselves, that's when we start to struggle and live in turmoil.  Self-awareness, if allowed to continue will ALWAYS lead to self-pity and that is Satanic and destructive!!  Any thing that disturbs our rest in Jesus must be dealt with at once and you can't "fix" it by ignoring it.  The answer is simple....Come unto Him.  If you will come to Jesus, asking him to produce Christ-awareness in you, He will always do it, until we fully learn to live in Him.  I am praying Matthew 11:28 into your life.  May the Good Lord bless you richly today with His Peace and Rest.  ~Pastor Lynn

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Comment by Lynn D. Walker on August 30, 2013 at 5:03pm
I have done something this past month that I haven't done in a long time.  I started to worry because I became aware of my own faults and weaknesses and I lost my focus on Jesus.  I started thinking about getting older and what would happen to my wife if something happened to me?  What would happen to COWBOY COUNTRY CHURCH??  Surely my wife would have to live in poverty and the church would just f...old if I up and died!!!  How foolish!!!  I started thinking of ways that maybe I could make more money, maybe there was some way I could save more money, maybe I could get a huge life insurance policy (at my age?? right!!), maybe I should start looking for someone else to step in and take my place as pastor of the church??  And then all of a sudden, I realized how unhappy all these thoughts were making me and I couldn't do much about it anyway, and I remembered how happy I was when I came to Jesus and turned EVERYTHING completely over to Him.  The Lord has NEVER failed me and He never will.  He will also never fail my loved ones or His church either.  Thank God for Matthew 11:28!!!  Restfully yours, ~Pastor Lynn





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