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Thank you for all the kind words!

I am involved in a ministry of anti racism being a reformed racist myself!

Tags: #Love, #NoToRacism, #Forgiveness

Started by Scott Shepherd Oct 18, 2017.

Our Destiny

Just wanted to add some thoughts about Our Destiny ...  Eph 1:17-19 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge…Continue

Started by B. Keith Chadwell Oct 4, 2015.

Divine Appointment 1 Reply

Recently I was ministering on a subject entitled "Understanding Our Perimeters To Fulfill Our Heavenly Purpose" and mentioned in the message that everyone of us has a "Divine Appointment".  In 1…Continue

Started by Gene Tatum. Last reply by Dan & Kathy Marsh Gentle Hearts Oct 1, 2015.

gifts 5 Replies

I agree too.  After my divorce I started praying because I felt like I had nothing to offer my child and grandchildren in the way of an inheritance.  God spoke to me and told me to start painting…Continue

Started by Rhonda Asher Fine Art. Last reply by Gene Tatum Sep 28, 2015.

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Comment by John Davis on June 13, 2011 at 8:27pm
Pepsi Refresh Project
Look for us this month under the Communities category. From there go to the $25,000 grant applications to find our project: Osprey Ministries Inc. Repair homes and purchase used mobile homes for needy Native Americans. Each person can vote once a day for each e- mail address you have for the entire month of June.
Log on and vote at

Power Vote!
Under the yellow bottle caps and on specially marked Pepsi products you will find a Power Vote code, use this code to add up to 100 votes at one time.

Please help us give needy families hope!
You can go to our website to learn more about us and these projects
Comment by Jen Brown and Jes Libbert on June 13, 2011 at 11:25am
We are a sister duo from Missouri!  We love the Lord and want to spend our lives telling the world about His love!  Our website is  Would love to hear from others in the music business.  We love the support and friendships we have made and look forward to making many new friends!
Comment by Pastor Lane & Farrah Shipley on May 18, 2011 at 10:55am

My name is Steven Shipley and I am married to a wonderful singer named Farrah Shipley. Our ministry is based on Romans 8:38-39. Our intention is to tear down the walls that people have built to keep them "safe." People that are saved (and not saved) do not think that God cares about their little issues. They also have sins that they try to protect from God. Women build walls to parts of their heart to protect them from being hurt again or past pain that they try to shove in a box and do not really confront. Men shove emotions down untill we explode. We build layers of walls because as men we are just supposed to take it and move on. Divorced couples bring in pain and hurt from past marriages and it destroies the current marriage.

We would love the oppertunity to come to your church and do a conferance or just a Sunday morning. God has blessed us through all of the circumstances that I talked about before and we wnat others to feel the freedom that God has given us.

For more information call me at 806-445-7183 or email me at

May God bless you daily and praise Him hourly!!

Pastors Steven and Farrah Shipley

Comment by Bob and Sylvia Jordan on May 9, 2011 at 9:16am
Pray for us as we leave tomorrow for our Arizona concert tour.
Follow our ministry on our web site or
Comment by Phillip E. McAllister on March 17, 2011 at 8:21am
As I stopped to listen to what God was saying to me, I took the daunting steps of creating and spreading the word of my ministry and eventually a church. This is something that has been the an eye opening experience. I have a very long way to go. One step and one day at a time. He will direct my steps. I can do all things thru him that strengthens me. 
Comment by Songs of Faith Ministries on March 5, 2011 at 12:52pm

In addition to our gospel music and cowboy poetry ministry, I author Bible studies and, Sunday school teacher and small group leader training materials. In recent months, I have been asked to write discipleship training material that could be used in a cowboy church environment. In order to determine what, if any, such material is already available, I would appreciate any leads related to published or in-house discipleship training material. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

On the trail for Him

Mike Burns

Songs of Faith Ministries

Comment by Douglas Palmer on March 5, 2011 at 10:59am
Not only has God Jehovah blessed me with a wonderful cowboy ministry but also with a clown ministry.  I have combined them both and developed a character I call "Cowboy Derf."  He has only been out on the road once to perform so far but the folks at the church sure enjoyed him.  And if I remember right, he got some good comments concerning his witnessing efforts too.  Praise the Lord for any chance to spread the Gospel message<):o}
Comment by Rev./Dr. Steven C. Spalding on February 20, 2011 at 3:40pm

I agree Genevia...most folks don't understand the strength it takes to stand on your faith in the music ministry......Years ago I had a relative make the comment that a "love offering" was like living on welfare while nothing could be farther from the truth.

The workman IS worthy of thier hire!

The first twenty years in the music buisness was doing straight country out of Nashville with a bus and a five piece band behind me to support with thier salaries and expenses...folks thought $5,000 a performance was alot of money ...but after expenses it was not as much as workig a factory job.

For the past 30 years in th ministry I still have a bus...your right is cheaper in the long run and easier on the spririt as it keeps you more focused being in your own surroundings rather than motels or wondering about a place to lay your head at night.

As for the music we perform ....I use 95% of my own material so I don't have the hassel of licenesed material....the other 5% is with permission or it is material that is truly public domain.......I really don't believe most singer's realize they are stealing when they are useing another persons music without permission nor do

the churches ralize they are permiting it....either way it is wrong.

I know as a songwritter I have no problem with folks doing my songs if they ask.
Anyway...I just wanted to say I appreciated your comments.
Rev./Dr. Steven Spalding

Comment by Genevia Johnson on February 19, 2011 at 8:47pm

The reason I’m posting this is because there are those here who make there livings as artist and pastors and those who aren’t full time, So I pray I don’t ruffle feathers.

Over the years I have heard so many local groups complain about what others may charge. They always come back with it’s not about the money but for the Lord. Sad to say I was once one of those who also complained about what some groups or artist would charge.

I am still at this time able to ask for a Love Offering at churches and hope to be able to continue to do so, as well as benefits and for nothing at all if need be.

The point is while I was a local artist and my Ministry wasn’t how I made my living money wasn’t an issue, but now that I have a pay role this may change as you have employees you also by nature inherit Other costs, which never seems to end. Even as a local artist I paid those with me.

As artist we all should carry venue insurance, be repaired to pay for the rights (license) to sing the songs we use live ( not all churches and venues have a license) pay royalties on all the songs you record (every copy) if you didn’t write them. Your transportation if used for your ministry (IS NOT COVERED BY REGULAR INSURANCE IF IN AN ACCIDENT) All of our ministries have a business side just as a church if not treated as such not only will you not be able to support the ministry but go bankrupt.

I could continue to go own an own and I found out that for me to feel right about my work for the Lord everything had to be right and the more you do to be a true Christian Artist in all aspects of the ministry the more battles you will fight and the stronger you faith and dependence in the Lord will grow.

I do have a tour bus and it has proven to be cheaper to operate than a van and trailer in the long run, in fact the insurance is even cheaper for me anyways.

We all need to under stand that for some this is a way of life and how they make their living as a full time ministry, for others it weekends as local groups or artists, there is NO room for any of use to be critical of our brothers and sisters and their ministries. We should be lifting one another up in prayer and supporting everyone in everyway we can, especially when we have people going to secular concerts for 25, 50, even a 100 dollars a ticket raising the roof and then complain about a 5 or 10 dollar gospel concert ticket.

As for as getting rich the only riches my LORD ever promised me are in heaven.


Genevia Johnson

1 Peter 3:15



Comment by Rocky Morris, Founding Director on February 18, 2011 at 11:07am
That is so true Bob & Sylvia!!! Thank you for your ministry!!!

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Discussion Forum

Thank you for all the kind words!

Started by Scott Shepherd Oct 18, 2017.

Our Destiny

Started by B. Keith Chadwell Oct 4, 2015.

Divine Appointment 1 Reply

Started by Gene Tatum. Last reply by Dan & Kathy Marsh Gentle Hearts Oct 1, 2015.

gifts 5 Replies

Started by Rhonda Asher Fine Art. Last reply by Gene Tatum Sep 28, 2015.

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Started by Rev./Dr. Steven C. Spalding. Last reply by deborah f borel Aug 31, 2011.

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