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Preacher Needed Scam Robert Bruce Rockfellers

 I recieved an email from a supposed youth minister in Torrington CT; that was having a youth rally on May 24th and wanted to bring in speakers.  I corresponded with him on a couple of e-mails and he asked if I would be willing to do a 2 hour presentation. I told him I would pray about it and he asked me to find out about plane reservations and the cost. 

I looked into it and had enough frequent flyer miles to cover the trip so I wrote back to him telling him so and asked for more details about his ministry and specifics about the conference. The Lord put it on my heart to pursue the endevor, but not to committ.  No contact from the person for 4 weeks and on Wednesday before the event, and I am scehduled for other things on this date now anyway.  I get a email saying he is sending me plane fare. That evening when I get home there is a fed-x at my home with a cashiers check from a South Florida Credit Union in the amount $3,890.  Plane fare would have been no more than $300.  No paper work, no details, just a plain envelope with an unreadable return address from Laredo TX. 


The Lord put it on my heart to not respond to his e-mail to wait for him to contact me again.  He did so by cell phone from an Ohio area code the next day. The obvious scam, some one donated all the money to me and if I would take out what the plane ticket cost and then Western Union the rest to them ................ 


He hung up when I challanged him on this. 


Please be aware these scams are out there.  If anyone contacts you because they claim to need speakers for an event, be sure the Lord puts it on your heart to move forward.  Do not get involved with anything that involves Western Union and money transfers. 


The Tag line on the email was "Gospel Preacher Needed";  and the name this person used was "Robert Bruce Rockfeller"


In His Love and Protection

Kim Ford


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Believe it or not there are sick people who try and scam churches.  these are the same people who scam the elderly and disabled.. But god loves all his children, they just need the guidance to the light.

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