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  God is so good- and I dont meen just like when he made us good ,I meen how when things look so bad and you cry out to him and he answers you from an undeniably ,place that no man could have done it or told it .To know that he is listening and holding every tear is amazing in itself, but to have him send you word just for you from a source that dosent know what or why or even if, and they do it just out of obedience without thought for themself-- That is a MIRACLE ! Smith Wigglesworth -said the way to pray is God promised and I want it now. The only thing that keeps us from recieving is us- our doubt and excusses. People give satan credit for things when God allready made him powerless and gave us athority over him.When we care enough to learn to walk in athority and to quit being bullied by all of our enemies THEN we bring glory to God ! OUR bullies are not allways demonic most of the time it is just people who are choosing to walk in theire will and not God's. When we pray for God to curse thoose who curse us and bless those who bless us and stop allowing them to run over us then he can take what they do for harm to us and bring them to a place where they humble themselves to cry out for his mercy and salvation.Co dependency is the greatest barrier between God and him being able to save people. He cant save them if we think we can and try to do his job our way.When Jesus was at the well with the woman what gave him strength was her taking from him and look what a wonderfull result it had for so many ! Faith is TAKING what God has allready given us ! We perish for lack of humility and wisdom - we dont do it HE DID IT ! Mercy was given he gives us salvation ,we allready have a measure of faith - all he wants us to do is use it by taking our inheritance instead of throwing it to the dogs! OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, YOUR KINGDOM COME ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. When we turn over a criminal they have an opurtunity threw humility to change and get help - that is the same way with God- if we "protect" the enemy he cant have the oppurtunity to help them , without justice there is no way for us to recieve his grace. Be blessed and get out of his way when it comes to who judges the enemies - it just might save someone.

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