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Leave Your Safety Zone and Launch Out into Deep Water

In Luke 5:4 Jesus said to Peter, “Launch out into the deep [water] and let down your nets for a catch.” This is a message for us today as we look toward the year of 2017. If you plan to travel the path of the Status Quo then you likely will never break any new barriers or reach new goals in 2017. Just to live your life following the crowd and never be willing to leave your Safety Zone will translate into failure. Sometimes, we are like Peter who fished throughout the night, but caught no fish. It must be deduced from Luke’s narrative that Peter may have remained in shallow water throughout the night lest a dangerous storm arise and drown him, or he stood onshore because of his fear which resulted in total failure.

It amazes me how fearful some Christians are. While some Christians preach and claim they are living by faith, I see nothing of the kind. Some are so nervous about the unknown and taking risks that they stay on the shore and never venture into deep waters to brave the unknown. If you are one who feels you must always be in the 
Safety Zone, be informed that the Safety Zone only exists in your mind—your thinking is hindering you from reaching the top of the mountain. There are many unknowns in life, but when someone dares to launch out into uncharted waters, great things happen.

To launch out means that you must have a strategic plan that will help you reach your goal. Your goal may be to buy land for a new church, counsel more people, make more missionary trips, or increase the size of your congregation. Plan your work, and work your plan in accordance to God’s plan—face your fears, they will disappear. As one great US president said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Truer words were never spoken than these. Devote yourself to breaking your old habits and doing something that will astound yourself and others in 2017. Remember Psalms 23:4 “I will not fear evil [or dangerous things], because You [God] are with me.” Compare yourself with modern aircraft and space ships, “Your attitude will determine your altitude.” In other words you will never “fly high, unless you put your trust in Jesus to change your attitude and fearful thoughts toward “launching out into deep water.” When you dare launch out into deep water, you will receive blessings from on high.

Happy New Year!

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