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Leave Your Safety Zone and Launch Out into Deep Water

In Luke 5:4 Jesus said to Peter, “Launch out into the deep [water] and let down your nets for a catch.” This is a message for us today as we look toward the year of 2017. If you plan to travel the path of the Status Quo then you likely will never break any new barriers or reach new goals in 2017. Just to live your life following the crowd and never be willing to leave your Safety Zone will translate into failure. Sometimes, we are like Peter who fished throughout the night, but caught no…


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The Gift

This year of 2016 has truly been one to remember. Our presidential election was like no other in my lifetime. We must now pray for our new president and leaders believing they will honor God and bring back the godly principles this nation was built upon. However, no other person has ever touched the world in quite the way Jesus did. The Gift of all gifts, Jesus is truly the Unspeakable Gift sent by God the Father. He came as a babe in a manger but will return as King of Kings and Lord of…


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Fear…Not for the Child of God?

Worried and Fearful...we hear a lot about that right now due to the economic downfall of America as well as the uncertainty about the presidential election. Down through the ages men and women of God have had to face many challenges and even simular issues we face today. This is not a time to let fear or worry take control of our lives and ministries. Instead we must stand firm in the faith and know that God is still on the throne. In times like these we need to remember God is…


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Are You A Servant Leader?

Are you a servant leader or a leader who wants to be served? James Hunter in his book “The Servant” presents a powerful picture of what it really means to be a servant/leader. He shares: “Leadership is ultimately rooted in our will. Not forcing our will on others, but demonstrating our will to serve. There is a big difference between leading through power and leading through authority. Many people can simply force people to do what they want because they have the power to make them. However,…


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Most people, including Christians, look forward to Valentine’s Day each February. Everyone knows it’s a time when people express their love for one another. As such, I’m reminded of country singer George Strait’s song, "Love without End, Amen,” which tells the story of a young boy who, coming home after a schoolyard fight, anticipates forthcoming punishment from his dad. Fully expecting the wrath of his father, the son prepares for the worst. However, the father’s response was … "Let me tell…


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 The “empty tomb” (Matt. 28:1-7; Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12; John 20:1-10) is a reality, and the cornerstone of our faith. Without the empty tomb, all preaching would be a waste of time. Paul the apostle emphasizes this in I Corinthians 15. He explains who Christ is: How He died for our sins (I Cor.…


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