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At 10:55am on May 1, 2020, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…

Blessed happy birthday from your ICCAN family!

At 10:54am on May 2, 2018, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…

Happy Birthday from your ICCAN friends!

At 3:31pm on May 1, 2017, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…

Happy Birthday Brother!

At 3:01pm on May 2, 2016, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…

Have a wonderful birthday. God bless you!

At 5:54pm on May 2, 2015, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…
Blessed birthday from your ICCAN family!
At 9:34pm on May 2, 2014, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…

Happy Birthday from your ICCAN family!

At 9:10am on March 10, 2014, Scott Shepherd said…

Thank you for the friendship Pastor Lynn

At 11:43am on January 3, 2014, Lahry Sibley said…

Thank you brother. We are hope to fill in our calendar with many dates to sing and minister in Cowboy Churches through 2014. We're in it for "outcome", not the "income". Our heart is be a blessing to as many cowboys and cowgirls as possible in this new year of 2014. You invite us, we'll come! Catch some sample music on our page. Peace.


At 8:24am on November 27, 2013, Curtis Pruett Sr said…

Hi brother! thanks for being my friend! good ta meet ya! Blessings!!

At 11:35pm on November 2, 2013, Dove Morgan said…

Thank you so much, Pastor Lynn. I was so excited to see this website and am excited to meet all the folks I God be the glory for the things He has done and is doing!


At 9:48pm on October 31, 2013, Robert Abbott said…

Thank you for the welcome Sir, I am glad to finally be here. I have had this site bookmarked for some time now, I have always been a follower of Christ but as some do, I would come and go, (as in would get serious about my faith then slowly slip off to not following as close). I recently came back and don't want to stray again, I know how much I need God and fellowship so here I am, I hope to meet many good people, maybe make a friend or two (hope more lol). 

At 10:49am on October 15, 2013, TY HODGES said…

Thank you for being a friend.  I just love the ICCAN network and family...The website and all the friends I have met through it have been a wonderful blessing ! ! !

At 8:36am on September 7, 2013, Chaplain Jerry Vance said…

Thanks Brother Lynn for your comments but "To GOD Be The Glory". It is such a great honor and privilege to serve along with GODLY men such as yourself and other True Cowboy Church Ministers of The Gospel. We cannot help but be blessed when we preach the truth and then live by its principles. It is so easy to serve Our Lord JESUS when we simply choose to say and do whats right with out worrying about what someone else says or thinks, knowing we have a clear conscience towards GOD and man.

   Recently it came to my attention that several disputes among Godly men and dear friends of mine were having and it caused me some concern.

1. They are all ministers and leaders of the Christian Faith.

2. It appeared to be personal rather than a general statement.

3. Feelings were hurt because they felt they were being judged.

   May I be the first to say we are not here to judge the actions of others ,ministry wise or otherwise but and if we judge then our judgement is true (If it is based on The WORD).

Point in case; Is it right for a man of GOD to go into a bar or casino or other worldly venue?

Generally speaking..."well, umm, uhuuu...."pardon my attempt to enter a little humor here but if you think about it for a second or two you might be inclined to say exactly the same thing...right? WRONG ! Ok here we go....generally speaking we have to examine the mans intent and conduct. Since we are not usually " there " during the time of occurrence  we would all be better served remaining silent except for prayer.

   JESUS is and has always been exemplary in HIS actions and teachings. HIS statement to GO into all the world and preach the gospel was and is without exception ! Everywhere we go we are there to be an example so always beware and know that someone is watching and that GOD Himself is with you.

  As for appearance; The Master was in the market place, overturning the bankers tables and even taking a whip to some of now there's an idea... oh sorry... but I'm sure you see by now that most of these disputes are just a matter of perception and in most cases deserve a "second look".

   Finally another matter along the same lines , a Pastor made a decision to hire a secular band for his Cowboy Church event. Now anyone that knows me at all knows that I believer in supporting the local church and that I believe the church is responsible for supporting the ministers it sends out . GODS word says " we are to do good to all men as often as we have opportunity but especially of them who are of the household of faith. Not knowing the particulars of this situation I will not make a "judgement" of my own except to say offenses must come but woe be unto the one by which the offense does come. Now with that said I should add a word of caution about "judging" " Since we do not know the full intentions of the pastor in question or the outcome of the event I believe it would be more prudent to simply pray and ask GOD for his direction and then wait with patience for his answer. It serves no purpose to harbor hurt feelings between each other simply because we did not perceive the intentions of our brother.

In the end be slow to speak and slow to wrath and quick to make peace...Amen ?

 Thank you for your love and grace and for the opportunity to serve you and Our LORD JESUS.

GOD Bless,


At 12:15pm on August 12, 2013, Patrick Quick and The Travelers said…

Thanks brother! If you can ever use us down your way, feel free to call. 918-530-7513 God bless you and your ministry!

At 12:53pm on May 2, 2013, Jan Harbuck, Network Manager said…

Happy Birthday for all the ICCAN Gang!

At 6:52am on November 20, 2012, nell porter-lokey sisters gave Lynn D. Walker a gift
good morning lynn well it's almost turkey day. god's blessings--nell
At 12:36pm on May 02, 2012, Andy Starks,ICCAN Int'l Director gave Lynn D. Walker a gift
At 12:07pm on May 2, 2012, Janette Goins said…

Happy Birthday

At 10:00am on May 02, 2012, Dr. Bob Rawson, FCH Director gave Lynn D. Walker a gift
At 10:02am on May 1, 2012, Rebecca Young Worthley said…

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