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Oct 19 & 20th's Trailride was a great success

This past weekend TC Ranch & Trail Of Life Cowboy Church had a camp out,trail ride,entertainment, & just good cowboy dutch oven cooking. Please enjoy our pictures of good fellowship & fun. Our ranch is open to churches & christian groups that would like to ride on a 600+ acre working ranch.

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Comment by Cheryl Carter on October 23, 2012 at 8:28pm

For years I have written songs & cowboy poetry, Tom loved everything I wrote. Then sometime after he died, God gave me the inspration to honor Tom with many poems. This is one of them.


It was a Tom Carter Funeral

There in the chapel Tom Carters family sat
Over 400 people came to pay their respect
At the foot of his casket was a stand with his saddle
There were rope marks on the horn from years of tying off cattle
At his shoulder was a barrel with barley & wheat
From seed he had planted that fall for his livestock to eat
A wreath at his head held his rope & his spurs
In my mind I could see him ridding Old Doc, close behind a Gyp & his Kur

The music that played reflected the joys of his life
Country & Christian recorded by his Son, Daughter & Wife

The preacher & a close friend told of Tom's 78 years
Of his generosity, & honesty through their laughter & tears
Many happy & wonderful stories, were told that day from the past
There were stories of deer & hog hunts that made even the saddest laugh
There were so many folks at the service that came from every walk
As they filed out the chapel doors they began to gather & talk
I believe this is the best funeral, a cowman began to say
And when it comes my time to go, I'd like to be sent off this way
You know I counted 96 pictures that flashed across the Chapel screen
And I don't believe there was a one that old Tom wasn't wearing jeans

No Tom wasn't fancy he lived everyday pretty much the same
But I can say, the lives that he touched. Tom didn't live in vane
There were mourners dressed in their finest, others in overalls & jeans
The service brought them to laughter at times, then their tears started to stream

I don't know of many people, that I can say I never herd a bad word about
Though I doubt Tom ever knew it, He truly made his life count
Yes It was a Tom Carter Funeral and it won't be forgotten soon
And the seeds of life lessons he planted, forever will they bloom
By Cheryl Carter for my Beloved husband, Tom
Comment by Cheryl Carter on October 23, 2012 at 8:08pm

TC Ranch is 18 miles N.W. of Cleveland TX. It was my husband's family ranch. Est. in 1915.Tom & I was looking forward to celebrating the ranch's 100 birthday. Sadly The Lord took Tom home March 16th 2012. Through good friends, my church & Jesus I am continuing to run the ranch & have guests to the ranch. I would be honored to have you & your husband come & ride any time.I have listened to his prayers & preaching many times on this site.It would be great to have a trail ride & campfire preaching. Truly I am honored to call you (dear Sandra) my friend. I have 2 web sites one for grief counseling & the ranch,  &





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