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By : Tom Boyle

What if in this world with everyone,

A divine appointment they we treat.

To see them as his masterpiece

I all the folks we greet

To let them know we are glad they’re here

You have been waiting for all your life.

For being a world changer

Is to let Christ in you shine.

Its starts with just an understanding

The deepness of God’s love.

That his ever ending passion

Accepting it can be tuff.

To see each man we meet

With a depth of Joy divine,

To view all as a brother

To have a transformed mind.

To realize where all broken

Remember our burdens freed

By the love and call of the Savior

For the new life we now lead.

And this grace that was extended,

We should extend to all.

Being careful not to hurt others,

Next time it’s me that may fall.

Looking at each one as a model

Of the Masters, work of art.

Respecting and understanding

It’s God’s job to change a heart,

But to love he has commanded.

And I must to be his true.

For If I show the Love of Jesus,

Threw me there is nothing ….. he can’t do.


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Comment by Tom Boyle on February 8, 2012 at 7:43pm

My Savior’s Call

By :Tom Boyle

I hear my Saviors Call

It don’t sound like a Coyote at all

Or a cow that likes to bawl

Or a horse stuck in his stall.

If ,I were to identify the sound.

Here’s what I have found.

Like a Morning Dove call on the wind.

Ya got to always be listening

Its soft and a soothing thing

It’s Hard to hear in suffering.

like a breeze running through my heart

Like a the wind setting it a part

From something I can’t see.

Yet, Something  real to me.

It’s like trying to explain the wind

The feeling of it on your skin

And it will always to me say

Let me show you PARD the way.

Cause like cattle I can go

Down a canyon I don’t know

But my Savior will always see.

The old cow path he has for me.







Comment by Tom Boyle on February 8, 2012 at 7:39pm

A Horse

By: Tom Boyle

A horse to me

Is the greatest of friend

Once they hook up and trust ya

They are yours to the end.

They are playful and curious

They are smart to as a whip

Always fearful to a point

Getting trust is the trick

Always guiding , never forcing,

Being firm yet soft

It’s a very simple thing

If you learn to think Hoss.

They will change your thinking

Make you stay on your heals

Make you control your emotions

And make you learn timing and feel.

But when you need a true friend

When your down in the dumps

Just go over to your horse

He will pull you out of your slump

They are a mirror of your soul

A window unto your heart

They are a fast rushing wind

It’s funny when they fart

And if you treat them with honor

Make them respect you too

There’s nothing a horse

For you he won’t do.

So the next time you’re angry

Stop and think just a while

He probably out thought you

You should laugh and smile

Go collect your hat

 get an ole grin

Cause a horse will soon be

The same mood you’re in

Cause they are smarter than most think

And not one is the same.

Like Ole Ray Hunt would say

“Horses are thinking man’s Game”.











Comment by Tom Boyle on February 8, 2012 at 7:33pm

The Brand

By: Tom Boyle

When bent out of shape

It easy to forget

It was your Choice

 to get bent

This life that we have

Is too darn short

To be angry ,resentful

Misery does assort

With anger our pride

A runaway train

You are going to derail

It always the same

With result’s you get

A calloused Old Heart                                                            

Lose friends that are dear.

It rips you apart


Instead of not trusting God

Anger is fear.

Instead of kneeing to pray

The thinking’s not clear.

It’s a sad, sad day.

When don’t chose faith

And push God away

Resentments to obey?


So I’m asking a question

Right to you, Hoss.

Is it gonna be you?

Or will you ride

For the cross?

 Yet In forgiveness

I’m the one set free

To live the life

God intend for me.

Love is tuff

It’s the harder way

We are all broken

Is safe to say.

So I am putting it bluntly

I am asking ya Hand

Is it gonna be you?

Or will ya ride for

His  brand? + ?









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