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I joined ICCAN just recently. I live on a goat farm in upper state S.C. We raise Nubian goats and chickens. I am married with five beutiful children. We attend Emmanual Bible Church, where my father-in-law is the pastor. I was saved at the age of 17 in 1983 and attended Bob jones University, where I majored in Ministerial Studies. I am a firefighter/EMT and cowboy style of living! I love to go in our pasture and spend time with Lord, while I drink my good cup of coffee. And of course, I love riding horses and going to rodeos. I served in th U.S. Army for 9 years, as a combat medic. My desire is to serve the Lord Jesus and follow His paths of righteousness. As the old hymn says. "Where He leads me, I will follow". I enjoy watching old westerns such as Roy Rogers, The Rifleman, Bonanza, Gene Autry and I am intersted in old west history. My family and I are basically homesteaders and two of our children are homeschooled. The area in which we live, was once home to the ancient Cherokee Indians. I can say as the Apostle Paul, "I am what I am by the grace of God"!

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Comment by Cheryl Carter on March 18, 2013 at 2:31am

Welome to ICCAN I was interested in friending you. I raise Goats too, This year one of my older goats birthed three Kids, two of the kids died right away & then the mother passed. I brought the orphaned goat into the house & keep her in a dog kennel. I take her out everyday to put her with other goats.  I bottle fed her every 4 hours, but as I leave her, she cries & cries. It sounds like she is crying mamma, mamma then I go back & get her. Her legs are bent so bad she walks like a spider. I have stretched her legs & taped them with paint sticks & vet wrap for 24 hours on & 24 hours off.She is so bright & alert I just could not put her down as a vet suggested. Have you ever experiences a problem like this & do you have any suggestions. She has a good appetite & will eat some hay & grass. I know as she grows bigger & heaver her bent legs will not hold her up. Any suggestions you may have will be welcomed. Her name is Rose A Bell & she sleeps with a 90 lb Fila Brasileiro guard dog Named Bell in the kennel. They are quiet a sight.   Sincerely Cheryl Carter

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