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FROM THE PASTOR'S PORCH: God speaks through the Church!!

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FROMTHE PASTOR'S PORCH: God speaks through the Church


    I know that most of you will have a hard time believing this, but at one time in my life I had a very serious drug problem.  Yes, it's true; my Momma drug me to Church!!  Do you remember those days??  I know it's been a long time for some of you, but try anyway.  Remember when your parents used to drag you to Church?  Back in those days, Church was not an option; it was a way of life. 

    I didn't really mind it all that much because we lived out East of Cement and my older brothers were gone when I was still just a kid; so I enjoyed getting to be around other kids at church.  That was fun and so was the music.  Oh, what great music!!  Those of you that remember my Momma, Elma Walker, know what a great Gospel piano player she was.  She didn't just play the piano, she kind of “romped” on it!!  And then there was the guitar players; Pastor Eslinger, Hershel
Warren, Lefty Shepard, and Donald Burns.  I was pretty small when I joined in on my brother's old Washburn acoustic guitar.  I must have been pretty annoying at the time because I came to Church one morning, and somebody had cut all the strings off my guitar!!  I think they might have been tryin' to tell me something??    I didn't let that stop me; I just sat up there pretending to strum that old guitar just like it still had strings on it!!   Yes, I'm sure glad my Momma drug me to church and I'm sure glad she drug my Daddy to church, too.  I remember thinking how good it was to hear my Daddyfinally stand up and “testify” how much he Loved the Lord.  Those were good times back then.

   Going to Church is still a good thing.  While it is true that we have direct access to God through Jesus Christ, that doesn't mean that we still don't need the church.  There is no such thing as a “Lone Ranger” Christian and we are not to “forsake the gathering of ourselves together”.  If you think you don't need the Church, you better get your manual and read 1 Corinthians 12: 7-31.  The Church
is the body of Christ and YOU need to be part of that body.  God created the church as His “redemptive agent” in this world.  He has a purpose for the Church, and He has a purpose for YOU in the Church!!  God places every member in a church to accomplish His (notyour) purpose through that congregation. 

    God spoke in Old Testament times through His prophets.  He spoke to us in
the New Testament Gospels through His son, Jesus Christ.  From Pentecost up to this present time, God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit uses four “tools” to reach God's people.  The Bible, Prayer, circumstances, and THE CHURCH!!!  Friend, YOU need to be in Church!!  There are many great Churches in Grady County and the Chickasha area, so you really don't have any excuse or viable reason for not being in a local Church.  Take all of your
arguments and reasons for not going to Church under “captivity to
the  obedience of Christ”.  Obey the Lord!!  Get off of your blessed assurance, shuck the mask Lone Ranger Christian, and get yourself to Church.  God has some things He wants to say to you.  If you don't have a Church home, please feel free to come visit COWBOY COUNTRY CHURCH, 4092 NORGE ROAD.  See ya in Church and may God richly Bless you, ~Pastor Lynn



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