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Found this in my Bible study the other day...thought it was worth sharing.




As believers, we are called to proclaim the message of Christ to unbelievers in the best way we know how, being faithful to the truth. That’s really all that Peter did at Pentecost (Acts 2:14-36), but his speech produced dramatic results: the small band of Christ’s followers added 3,000 believers that day. (Acts 2:41)

In the same way, each of us needs to speak up as best we can when the opportunity presents itself. What we say will reflect our understanding of the faith at the time. We may not sound as impressive as Peter, or a minister, or some other believer. But at least our message will be authentic.

Notice that Peter did not call for an immediate response. Only after God’s Spirit had “cut to the heart” those in the audience and they asked for ask for help (Acts 2:37) did he explain what they ought to do (Acts 2:38).

In the same way we need to offer the “carrot” of truth to others—the facts of the gospel and our experience of it—and let the Holy Spirit wield the “stick” of conviction. We should strive for impact and understanding before pressing for a decision. That might take weeks or years, or just moments. But we need the sensitive timing of a midwife as we assist in the spiritual birthing process.

(From the Word in Life Study Bible, copyright © 1993 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by Permission)


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