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One day before a sermon I was thinkin’,

How many men have stood there preachin’?

Day after day a study’n Gods word for inspiration,

Prayin’ for words to give solace to a listen’n congregation.

Will my words make a difference in the lives of these men and women,

Should I tell a joke or two maybe somethin’ with a funny endin’?

A sincere story that brings a tear to their eye,

One that stirs the heart and makes em’ reach for the sky.

Week after week on my knees I entreat the Lords favor,

Seeking the Fathers will to be strong and watch my behavior.

It’s true a powerful sermon can stir men’s souls,

Bring them to a decision from some emotional toll.

Powerful words spoken with a passionate pace,

I could raise my voice to make a point, let a tear run down my face.

Could a message about the beginning of time be the answer?

When Adam and Eve were tempted by the great deceiver.

Maybe Noah and the great flood could inspire the ones that occupy the rear,

Building a great ark despite the peoples doubts, laughter and jeers.

Then there’s Moses a prince of Egypt exiled to the desert on his own

Returned to free the slaves, Gods chosen, sayin’ let my people go.

What about Abraham, Joseph, Ezekiel, and David’s deadly throw,

Three brothers facing the furnace, Sheldrake, Meshach and Abednego.

These stories are great each an inspired word,

All these stories since childhood many have heard.

Isaiah spoke of a Savior, the son of God ,the one true King,

One who would bring freedom to all people not just a few who did the right thing.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Jesus changed each of their lives,

These men wrote of the Saviors love never questioning where or why.

Peter a fisherman never short for say’n what was on his mind,

As he worked his nets, Jesus said today I’ll make you a fisher of men.

A legal man named Paul was given permission to go on the hunt,

Opposing any who followed Jesus to get out of the religious rut.

On a dusty road he ventured to do harm to Christians in Damascus,

Jesus blinded his eyes and with a thunder the savoir asked

Why do you hurt those who believe in Christ and persecute all of us,

Follow me, change your ways and use your energy for my purpose.

From that day on Paul became a man of change

A man on a mission in Jesus name

Don’t put it off today you have a choice

Remain as you are or be different make some noise.

Take this moment give your life a new start

Let Jesus have first place and in your heart.

You can begin from this point, right here and now

Don’t worry about what you wear or if you smell like a cow.

The gift of salvation is free to every girl and boy

It’s a life filled with promise, hope and joy.

As I was praying on my knees this is what I was thinkin

before I stood in front of the people and began preachin’.

Is my life lived out before other men and women,

Do I live each day in the light of Christ before the sermon?

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