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This may be a touchy subject but I have been there with my first project and it remained on the Country Gospel Charts at # 27 for 18 months and did very well in Europe and Austrilia, would have been great if it had promotion and distribution with it.

So what do you think:

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could get control of some of the recording studios that promise so much. Unfortunately we had to learn the hard way with my first recording, that no matter how much radio air play or where you land on the charts unless your music is available to the public thru proper promotion and distribution to retail outlets it goes no where. A lot of recording studios are just taking money from people. I have one friend who signed a 2 year contract and it cost him $5000.00 for the recording he is still hauling a lot of them around in his trailer.

What are you thoughts on this.

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Replies to This Discussion are so right. The sad fact is many of the recording studios and/or labels out there will promise the world but do nothing. They are looking at the $$$$.  I think the reason a lot of folks get taken is all they see is "STARDOM" and do not do their homework before signing a contract. As the old saying goes..."If it sounds too good to be probably is". Again, doing the homework by checking the background of the company, getting referrals from other groups (have you seen these groups on the charts). Also remember there's tons of "charts" out there. Many of these so called labels have their own charts so yes they can put a song at #1 but does absolutely nothing for the good of the artist/ministry.




Rocky thats so true, after my first recording we had a lot of offers but I wanted to stay independent and follow what what the Lord wanted me to do not a label or studio. More often than not there was aleays the issue of the money and so many promises.

Also Reverend Butler yes you can do everything yourself and you can even get a legitamate studio to do the recording for you for much less than bying your own equipment and do your own promoting until you can find someone to take you own as one of their artist.

Everyone needs to understand that in order to stay independent you will have to invest in your product some it will depend on the label on how much but it should be very small and the right label will include at the least we have found booking, promotions, and distrbution if you reach that leavel of demand. They will make their return through a percentage of the sales of your product so if they don't work they want make anything always remember you still must do your part and as Christian Artist we know that our Lord expects us to work  also and not to sit back waiting on someone else.

Another thing the small studios is doing is creating a lot of animosity by having their yearly awards, it seems more often than not that the same artist normayl wins, I belonged to one such orginization ( heavely supportef by local studios ) before it went bankrupt and one of it officers was jailed for taking the money. I not sure if we should be competing but rather working together and helping on another to further God's kingdom.

Thanks & GOD Bless


"We will record your songs, master the tracks, give you 1500 professionally produced CD's, and send your songs to radio.  Then we will promote the song and track your song play.  You're gonna be a star.  I'm so glad we discovered you!"


The Nashville Dream.  Be discovered and become a star. And it'll only cost you a few thousand dollars.


Don't fall for it.  The only way to become a star is through lots of hard work, more work, lots of appearances, and a whole lot of money, all for nationwide promotion.  Being young and sexy helps.  Talent doesn't really count for a whole lot.  There's a lot of good talent out there. 


Star makers are multi-faceted organizations who look for those the buying public will accept, and buy from.  Then they coach them, prep them, promote them, and use them to make their own fortunes, paying them a tiny percentage.  After all, they are taking the risks, spending the money, and arranging everything.  They pay big bucks to get their protege on national TV shows. They pay big bucks to get them appearing with known stars.  They have entire departments that have marketing and promotion down to a science.  They know what works and what doesn't.


Most buyers are young, since older folk are more set in their ways and not so easily influenced, so . . . guess who they target.  Young women in their teens and twenties probably buy more CDs than all other groups combined. 

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