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Often, I have heard is said that character is who a person is when no one else is around.  I tend to disagree as this statement is only partly true.  Character is who a person is all the time.  It is a product of a lifetime.  Someone said that "character is a quality of life.  As such, it affects personality, attitudes, and life standards."

     Who was Peter?  He was a man that you wanted on your side.  If there was a squabble over fishing rights or a heavy catch that needed hauling in, you wanted Peter.  Peter was a man always at the side of Jesus; he was one of the three taken up on the Mount.  Peter boldly proclaimed Jesus to be the Christ and then had to be put in his place by Jesus who said he spoke the words of Satan.  Hmmm, what was truly in Peter's heart?

     Peter proclaimed he would not deny Jesus, then he did.  Peter, to prove he would not deny the Lord was one of the disciples who armed himself and sought to fight the soldiers that night in the Garden, but failed, yet he did take action.  Then the terrible denial.  He would not let his feet be washed, then proclaimed he wanted a bath.  Who was the real Peter?  Peter failed, he was victorious, he failed, he tried, he was victorious.  He would not go to the home of the Gentile Roman Centurion because he was obedient to the Law, was then chastised, and went.  Who was the real Peter?

     I would suggest they all are.  But notice the growth in character.  He was a strong man, good to have around, one who would go anywhere, boldly proclaimed the Word of God and eventually would receive the martyr's death.  One thing to remember about Peter, and also in our lives--the work of the Holy Spirit.  He is constantly at work!

     By the way -- who are you?

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Comment by Jan Harbuck, Network Manager on May 4, 2011 at 7:11pm
Great message!! Thanks for sharing with us...











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