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Texas Inspirational Singer Songwriter & Speaker Jimmy Grayson

Hello All.God has led me to take my story and music beyond the traditional doors to reach those who are struggling with addiction. Message me back. I have a lot to offer and... just maybe we can…Continue

Tags: Message, Sunday, Music, Testimony, Preaching

Started by Jimmy Grayson Apr 30, 2013.

Looking for Contacts 3 Replies

I am a Country Gospel recording artist from Columbia, South Carolina. I am trying to fill the rest of my dates this year and I have no Cowboy Churches on the agenda. Any churches that would be…Continue

Started by Michael Wayne Ayers. Last reply by Jimmy Grayson Apr 30, 2013.

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Comment by Richard B. Shepard on January 7, 2014 at 2:09pm

Need a New Years Resolution?
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Comment by Richard B. Shepard on December 4, 2013 at 5:40pm

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Comment by Andy Starks,ICCAN Int'l Director on October 4, 2013 at 2:25pm

"Sharpening Your Focus"

If you were to ask all the pastors in America who they are trying to reach with the message of salvation, 90% would probably give you the same answer, "Everybody!" That is exactly why many are not doing it. If you are trying to reach all people of all cultures, you will probably wind up very frustrated.

The cowboy church is a specialized ministry with a special focus, at least, we claim to have a special focus. The problem is, that we often change our appearance, but not our focus. We still use the ‘scatter gun’ approach to our ministry and try to hit everybody. Then we have no focus.

When you became a cowboy church, you automatically became a very exclusive ministry. The vast majority of people in your community will never enter your doors. It will never cross their minds to attend your church. They won’t be ugly about it, they’re just not interested. They don’t associate with cowboys any other time, so it would never cross their minds to associate with cowboys on Sunday morning. Let the contemporary churches reach out to they. You’re a cowboy church. Reach out to cowboys.

We would not expect a Spanish ministry to appeal to the Oriental population of a community. Neither would we expect the deaf ministry to reach out to the bikers. Then why do many cowboy churches lose their focus on cowboys and try to reach everybody? If we are a cowboy church, we should do everything with that in mind. Our cowboy decor’ alone will not meet the need. When visitors come to a cowboy church, they expect to find more than a costume party; more than people having a contemporary worship service, with contemporary music, and contemporary preaching; more than just the surface differences. They expect to find cowboys having church! Cowboy dress and decor’ of course, but also cowboy music and cowboy preaching; cowboy discourse before and after church; cowboy activities; cowboy lifestyle manifest in cowboy worship.

When reading ‘western’ novels, you find many that are cops and robbers in hats and boots; detective stories with a cowboy facade; romance stories with a twang. It’s easy for a cowboy church to fall into the same trap. If the focus of the church is cowboys, then the focus of everything they do should be cowboy. The physical location, the church name and sign, the exterior and interior decor’, the places and means of advertising, the events and their locations, etc. Go where the cowboys go. Advertise in what the cowboys read. Get ads on the country radio stations. Put up signs at the local arenas and sale barns. Put card in their rest rooms. You’re not going to reach everybody, so stop trying! Focus all your attention, efforts, finances, etc. on cowboys.

The more ‘cowboy’ you make your ministry, the more effective you are going to be. It may be time to sharpen your focus.

Comment by Richard B. Shepard on October 2, 2013 at 3:17pm

We hope you will be excited about the Biblical truths in this powerful little booklet! The Bible is clear, that repenting and turning to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the best thing anyone can do in life. So why should we repent? Because God loves you, God wants to help you, God wants to bless you, and God wants to forgive you! Our rodeo cowboy definition of repent is, “Whoa! Stop Sinning! Get back and get away from sin! Pay attention to God and what he wants you to do!” These are economically priced at $2.00 each. Sold in bulk packages of 20 for $40.00

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Comment by Richard B. Shepard on September 25, 2013 at 6:09pm

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Comment by Wess Adams on April 10, 2013 at 8:14pm

This link is working on the short post I added from Dr Denison, but in case you don't find it here again it is for more in depth study on suicide. Blessings Pastor Anthony as God grants you wisdom and strength to deal with this situation. 

Comment by Wess Adams on April 10, 2013 at 8:09pm

Trouble with the format on copy and paste so I posted again. 

Pastor Anthony, My prayers are with you as you seek God's wisdom, we know He is anxious to grant it for you. I had just read a post by Dr. Jim Denison concerning Suicide, and I believe the article, spurred by the death of Rick Warren's son, will give you some wonderful scripture. I like Dr. Dennison believe each situation is unique, and we are glad God can Judge each one purely. Here is his article;

Comment by Wess Adams on April 10, 2013 at 8:08pm
APR 08, 2013
Is suicide the "unpardonable sin"? Absolutely not. This idea comes from a misunderstanding of Catholic theology, which teaches that "mortal sins" such as murder must be confessed lest the person go to hell. Since a person who takes his or her own life cannot then confess this act, some have concluded that such a person would be in hell. However, the Catholic Catechism clearly allows for those who suffer "grave psychological disturbances" and states that we "should not despair of the eternal salvation of persons who have taken their own lives." As a born-again Christian, Matthew was sure that he would be in heaven when he died. So am I. (For more on this difficult subject, please see my "Suicide, Scripture, and the Grace of God.")

What of the assertion that a world like this must be "utterly indifferent to us"? This time last year, our oldest son was undergoing radiation for cancer. Rick Warren's son suffered from clinical depression. Neither disease was their fault. Our Father grieves the consequences of the Fall, illness included (Romans 8:22). Rejecting his help when we need it most only makes the pain worse.

Please join me in interceding for the Warrens during the worst days any parent can experience. And know that those who are in God's hand are secure, in this life and the next (John 10:29). Before his son's death, Rev. Warren posted this statement on the church's Facebook page: "Bad days make good ones better." How is this assurance relevant to your life today?
Comment by Pastor E Patrick Anthony on April 10, 2013 at 6:55pm

Howdy ya'll: Our GOD is so awesome. I had a former church member LOVED by all, take his life Monday. He had been battleing throat cancer that began moving to the brain. OBVIOUSLY he woud eventually sucumb. As goes all deaths by suicide the question arose is he in HELL NOW? My answer was yes someone else thought maybe not. As my wife was one of those yes he is BUT folks. I drove home pondering the BUT. As I delved into the answer for the questions I know will surely come this sunday. I began searching the website of various preachers for the answer.What I found was they knew no more than I, the right answer as well with them, there was the BUT. So I, frustrated called out to the lord SHOW ME SOMETHING SHOWME THE TRUTH does a saved person go to hell for ending their own life. Show me in the scripture something to use. HE soon showed me two scripture verses and added a nugget to it. The first Matthew 12:31 "WHEREFORE I SAY UNTO YOU ALL MANNER OF SIN AND BLASPHEMY SHALL BE FORGIVEN UNTO MEN: "BUT" THE BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST SHALL NOT BE FOREGIVEN.


Then the lord taught me something else: we, most of us anyway, were raised up you end your life you go to hell catholic church 101 says purgatory the espiscopal says you cant be buried in consecrated ground, we are taught that when in fact the truth is this. People believe because JUDAS went out and hung himself and then went to hell so must we to. What they fail to see is JUDAS BLASPHEMED GOD AND JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WHEN HE BETRAYED JESUS. a PERSON SAVED WHO COMMITTS SUICIDE IS NOT GOING TO HELL VERSE 38-39 MAKE THAT CLEAR. If Jesus who was tortured, beaten, spit on  and crucified endured such pain would he condemn a person a christian who through his pain and suffering and anguish and WHO WAS WEAKER VESSEL THAN CHRIST AS WE ALL ARE going to go to hell? No I believe not because 8:39 tells us NOTHING NOT EVEN THE DEVIL WITH ALL HIS DECEPTION CAN SEPERATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD. I love when I cry out to the lord and his answer is supernaturally delivered right then. Rest in peace Mikey / Pastor E patrick

Comment by Pastor E Patrick Anthony on April 6, 2013 at 9:12pm

Dont give up brother We started Cross at The River in2010 with 15 and have grown to 50. some will comeand somewill goDOnt worry about the numbers focus on serving the LORD first HE will fill the church. We are small but mighty involvedin the community of Dunnellon Fla Well know in the area, and always looking for opportuniy to serve. Numbers are nice but OBEDIANCE TO GOD ROCKS oh and so will the church GODS BLESSINGS on ya'll?Pastor E Patrick and Debra Anthony



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