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To God be the Glory: What Jesus has done for me personally this past year...

Follow-up to my testimony...

God has once again worked miraculously on my behalf in the past year (besides saving me and my daughter from ruin).


In April of last year, I went into respiratory failure. I was rushed to the hospital by the life squad and put in intensive care, where I quit breathing (my lungs are in bad shape from smoking all my life). I was put on life support where I lay nearly unconscious the whole time while the machine breathed for me. The doctor told my husband I had a maybe 50/50 chance of ever living without being on a respirator. Suffice it to say, God raised me up and within 10 days, I got out of the hospital and then with God's love, help, and grace....I did the impossible...I quit smoking!!!!


I then developed colon cancer 6 months ago. Because my liver and lungs are damaged, the surgeon told me the surgery MUST be done but that I didn't have a high percentage of a chance to survive the surgery.


She said, at best, I had a 40% chance of surviving the surgery. And if I did survive, I may have a stroke due to the distended, scarred veins in my liver, throwing a blood clot. Or my heart might give out to congestive heart failure.


Naturally, I started praying and asked for prayers. The Lord reunited me (via Facebook) with my old time godly friend of 30 years ago. She came from down south to my house to "pray me through" the crisis and was just such a blessing to me and such a thrill to me to be reunited in friendship with her and her husband. She comforted and assured me and I began to feel no fear concerning my diagnosis/prognosis.


My body was too damaged to withstand anesthesia, but the Lord had "hooked me up" with a doctor who is a leader in the field of colon cancer! It was all God's arrangements, believe me!! She went into me under just spinal anesthesia (it has it's drawbacks, practically speaking, because spinal anesthesia doesn't last a long time, giving the doctor time to do the surgical procedure). The doctor was in surgery with me, from the time she opened me up to the time she closed me 27 minutes! She got out all the cancer! I laid there during surgery and chatted with her the whole time.


The doctor estimated I might be laid up for as long as 3 months. I was home from the hospital and feeling great within 10 days! Praise God! They did a PET scan and there is no more cancer, anywhere in my body!!!!


Good is a good God, and if He had wanted me to come home to Him, I would have been ready. But He must have more plans for me. I only pray it is something I can say or do to serve Him!! I love the Lord, but He loves me (and you) even more!!!


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