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FROM THE PASTOR'S PORCH: One Soul at a Time!!

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FROMTHE PASTOR'S PORCH: One Soul at a Time!!

   Manychurches in this day and age are not growing; worse than that, some
are even losing ground; they are shrinking and dieing.  Why is that? The world today is not attracted to the Christ we serve because they are not seeing Him at work in our lives.  They look at today's church and say, “oh, they do a few good things for the community, but that's not for me”.  The world is turning away from the church because they don't want to get involved with what they see going on
in most churches, or lack of what should be going on in our churches.  Maybe we are just letting the world see US when we should be letting the world see and encounter GOD Himself through us.

     If our churches will let the world watch God at work, then He will attract people to Himself!!  We must stop just talking the talk; we have got to start walking the walk!!  When the world starts seeing the difference the living Christ makes in a single life, a single family, and a single church, then and only then will you start seeing people responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and showing up at your church.  When the world starts seeing things happening in our Churches that can only be explained by the Presence of God Himself, that is when you will start seeing the church parking lots filling up.  The world is not drawn to a church to see other people; we can see people anywhere.  But the world WILL be drawn to the church where they see God in action through His people, not just the people bythemselves. 

    Jesus tells us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers.  If we truly want to see a move of God in our churches, it absolutely, positively MUST start with Prayer.  If you will earnestly pray for God to send more workers for the Harvest, you will be absolutely amazed at what will happen.  God will begin to engineer the circumstances of your life to where YOU will become that worker!!
The growing, thriving church is not built on the personality of the preacher, or great music, or anything else that people are able to do by themselves.  What matters is what GOD is able to do through YOU.  A healthy, growing church is a God-Sized assignment for you that canonly be accomplished by God working through YOU!!!

    This coming Sunday morning, I am going to challenge every single person at
COWBOY COUNTRY CHURCH to lead one person to the Lord Jesus  between
now and the first of the year.  Just one person; one soul to Jesus. 
You know what they're gonna say??  Where are we gonna put them??  That would make our church grow to over 300 people!!!  Well, that's what makes this a God-Sized challenge!  We will just have to Trust God to provide a place to put them won't we?  How about your Church?  I want to make this same challenge to everyone reading this article.  I don't care where you go to church, God wants to see God-Sized things happening in ALL of his churches.  Is doubling the size of your
church impossible??  Well...yes it is without God.  But so was Moses crossing the Red Sea on dry land and getting water out of a rock.  So was Joshua crossing the Jordan River in flood stage. So was Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego surviving the fire of the furnace.  So was going to all nations making disciples and baptizing them in the name of Jesus for the first followers of Christ.  Remember, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!  I Pray for your success in meeting this
challenge.   God and the folks who sell building supplies are gonna Love you for it!!  May the Good Lord richly bless you, ~Pastor Lynn


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