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FROM THE PASTOR'S PORCH: Life is certainly uncertain!!

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FROM THE PASTOR'S PORCH: Life is certainly uncertain!

   I wrote this article last year about this time.  We are still having tornadoes in parts of Oklahoma and we are still getting reports of our soldiers being killed on foreign soils.  Maybe we need to read this again. ~ Walker. 

     Whewwww....... What a week this has been for everybody here in Grady County; the whole state for that matter. Just in our church family alone I have visited folks in four different hospitals in OKC, had one soldier killed in Afghanistan, and one family with four homes damaged by a tornado(two homes completely destroyed). Loss of life, loss of health, and loss of all our worldly possessions are experiences that can happen to any of us in the blink of an eye!!     As I visited with a young man yesterday and his five year old son, all he could do was shake his head in unbelief that all they had left were the clothes on their back. Everything was gone; home, clothes, food, pictures, toys, EVERYTHING......gone in a manner of seconds. How in the world do you cope with this type of devastation?      Well, the first thing we have to do when we find ourselves in this "lost everything" situation is to realize that if all we have left is God, HE is enough. Try sayin' that out loud just one time. "God, You are enough." You have not only said a mouthful, but you have made one of the Truest statements you will ever make. All you have to do now is believe it, and that's not very hard to do when you have lost everything else!! When we come face to face with really BIG problems that's when we will come to know that our God is BIGGER than any problem.      The next thing we need to know is that we face unrelenting changes in this world. But there is one thing that NEVER changes and that is the Lord Jesus. He is the beginning and He is the end; alpha and omega. He will never leave us or forsake us and nothing....NOTHING can ever separate us from Him and his awesome Love. Many people have had their world literally turned upside down lately. Thank God that through it all, we can draw close to Him and still find Peace in all the uncertainty of Life.     Finally, you may lose all your worldly possessions in the blink of an eye, but you didn't get them overnight and you won't replace them overnight. It's going to take time. We must be patient and remember that recovery from this kind of devastation is like eatin' an elephant. You can only do it one bite at a time. Just remember that God is bigger than any problem, He will always be there to Love you and give you peace, He is willing and able to meet all of your needs, and He always works through His people.     Aren't you glad that God gave us the commandment to Love one another. I am so thankful when I see this community coming together to help one another. As always, we will get through these hard times. Why? Because God Loves us, we Love one another, and we are telling the world about Jesus with our actions. Thank you for reading "FROM THE PASTOR'S PORCH". May God bless you richly with Faith, Grace, and Peace, ~Pastor Lynn

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