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 Faith In The 1st Degree

Ron & Jan had been datin' for almost 6 years now & loved each other so very,very much. Jan was longin' for the moment that he would pop the question so they could get on with LiFe. Ron had wanted to ask her to marry him many,many TyMeS but seemin'ly just did not have the courage to do so.

But toNyTe he was goin' through with it no matter what it took. He called the fanciest restaurant in town & arranged for a candle LyTe dinner with wine for 7 Pm that evenin'! Called Jan & she said I'll meet ya at 7,she just had the feelin' that this was her big NyTe!

Ron arrived at the restaurant 'bout 10 mins early & was seated. He was nervously awaitin' Jan when he heard a car crash just down the street. He ran outSyDe & saw what was left of Jan's mingled car layin' on its top. He races down but there is no movement,he calls her name but no response! By this TyMe police & ambulance have both arrived,they load her & rush her to the hospital.

Jan is in a coma & the Drs all tell Ron that she's probably not goin' to survive. But he said yes she is I'm goin' to marry her! Ron sits by her bedSyDe relentlessly day & NyTe,prays,tells her stories & TyMe & TyMe again asks her to marry him. He tells of his love for her & That he wants her to be the 1 person to bare his children. He talks 'bout the home he has planed for them & all the things he had always wanted to tell her before but seemin'ly didn't have the courage to do so.

The Drs tell Ron again she's not goin' to get any better,it's TyMe to consider takin' her off all support. Ron says Dr you must be crazy or something I know a man called Jesus who said "By My Stripes Ye Are Healed!" He said we have to give her more TyMe,she'll be just fine!

He still sits by her bedSyDe NyTe & day & prays.The days turn into weeks & the weeks into months but he's always RyTe by her SyDe.It's been 11 months now & the Drs are determined that the TyMe has come to unplug all LiFe support! Ron says please give me just this 1 more day to spend with her before ya do that ok? And they finally agree.

Ron was sittin' by her bedSyDe holdin' her hand with his EyEs closed still prayin' & believin' in a miracle when all at once he felt her squeeze his hand. He opened his EyEs to the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Jan was awake after an 11 month coma.She pulled him over to her kissed him & said thank for always bein' here for me. Thank you for the beautiful stories ya told me & 'bout the home your goin' to build for us. But most of all thank ya for prayin' day & NyTe & for never givin' up on me! I thank you for "FAITH IN THE 1st DEGREE!!!!!"And "OH YES,YES,YES I WILL MARRY YA"

Ron & Jan are now happily married & they have that home he promised her only because he was guilty of "Faith In The 1st Degree" What kind of faith is that you might ask? It's faith that never fails!

Now you know the story of "Faith In The 1st Degree"

God Bless Y'All,Bro.Charley

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