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       "But strong men stayed. Men with skin like saddle leather and clear eyes that saw beyond today.”
                         --Louis L'Amour  (Guns of the Timberland)

       "Some Gadites joined David at the stronghold in the wilderness, mighty men of valor, men trained for battle, who could handle shield and spear, whose faces were like the faces of lions, and were as swift as gazelles on the mountains"

                         --1 Chronicles 12:8 (NKJV)
                    "I'm back in the saddle again,
                     Out where a friend is a friend...

                     Ridin' the range once more
                     Totin' my old 44.
                     Where you sleep out every night,
                     And the only law is right
                     Back in the saddle again."
                              --Gene Autry

It is upon us, the new year of 2022.  We have moved from the gaiety and majesty of the Christmas season into a brand new year.  The wonder of Christmas with all of its mystery, truth, and power should propel us into the new year ready to gain new ground for the Lord, not only for the Kingdom of God, but within our individual lives as well.  So, here we go, back in the saddle.
       The world hasn't changed much since yesterday of 2021.  But it will continue to turn and it would behoove you to be ready for what's ahead.  I can tell you, without being a prophet, that there will be turmoil, continued confusion, some chaos, and storms will arise upon the land and in your life.  Face it all with grim determination to obey the will of the Lord.  The song above says, "And the only law is right."  Seek the truth of God's Word and practice it, then you will be obedient to the Word (and law) of God for He is the righteous Judge.  Of course, this year could also bring the return of the Lord for His Church--are you ready?
       Joseph Alleine, a 17th-century Puritan minister, penned the following words:  “Another week is now before us, let us spend this week for God.”  Let me change it slightly, "Another year is now before us, let us spend this week for God."  Make that your resolution!  And I do believe in resolutions; I think we should make them often for it is good to change our lives for the better, and conform more to the image of Christ.  A resolution is not made to be broken!  No matter what the humorists think--they are goof-balls with that attitude.  Determine to make this a better year and thank God for life each day for it was given to you by the Lord to be used for His purpose and glory.
       Lots of things will be happening, do not let them frustrate you--trust in the Lord, for He is in control.  Things may not go your way, and it may seem that the Lord has forgotten you and allowed you to wander in the wilderness.  But my friend, He is there with you--a Friend that knows each and every step you take, and where your are going, along with what you might find along the way.  Don't be timid in this new year, but hold on tight to His hand.
       It's time to "saddle up" and head into the new year with a shout and a determination to follow the Lord in each step that you take.
D.C. Adkisson

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