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     "I'm never safe, but I'm always careful."    --David W. Bailey (Jericho James)

     "For false christs and false prophets will arise, and will provide signs and wonders, in order to mislead, if possible, the elect.  But beware; I have told you everything in advance."  --Mark 13:22-23 (NASB)

     I have been pondering the fact that people aren't interested in justice.  They seem to be only interested in their own self-serving, self-centered means and wants.  Friends--beware.

     I recall the lessons I've learned, some from individuals whom I trusted, some from experience about how to behave in the wilderness.  It is vital that one must beware of the weather and possible changes.  One should take care of selecting a campsite, of where to place the fire, of preparing and storing food.  Beware of snakes and other varmints.

     When driving there are yellow warning signs that tell us to "beware."  Beware, slow down.  Beware, the bridge is out.  Beware, construction ahead.  Beware, falling rock, and on I could go.  All Scripture is profitable to us, but the one above from Mark tells us to beware.  Notice to whom He is referring, the religious leaders of the law, and the governmental leaders of the day.  There could be a more indepth study in both these positions, but right now concentrate on your awareness regarding those in these positions.  Beware, if any church official strays from the Word of God and urges you to follow him.  Beware, when government officials move away from the morality of God's Word and encourage you to "woke up."

     We should beware of doing things in which the world would say is inconsistent with our faith.  I remember in the military that we were taught to keep our equipment clean and our uniform spotless and to wear it correctly.  Again many reasons, but one is to properly represent the unit you were attached to.  I remember my cousin and I walking down the streets of Boulder, CO in our dress uniforms back in the early 1970s after burying our Grandpa.  The Vietnam War was unpopular, especially in Boulder and we were certainly aware of those around us.  F.B. Meyer states, "Estimate every action, not only as it is in itself, but as it is likely to be in its influence on others, lest you break down wholesome barriers and place them in scenes of temptation that, however harmless to you, are perilous in the extreme to them."  Beware of those around you--do the right thing; do your proper duty.

     It is imperative that we beware of scenes and companionships that dull our spiritual life.  This can come from the subtle words of the "wolf" that speak partial truths (lies) from the pulpit, to the fellowship with bad companions.  Beware of where you find yourself; it may not be wholesome, in fact, it may be downright dangerous.  Some places are just bad testimonies, whole others are out-and-out dangerous, not only to life, but also to soul.  Maybe you have found yourself in such a place and it nauseates the stomach.  If you continue to dwell in such a place you may find that your soul is being poisoned, therefore, beware of things that can poison the spiritual life.  Stay away from such places, stay away from such people!

     Even watching the news can begin to poison the soul.  When the scenes of depravity, hatred, bitterness, lies, and violence are played over and over a person can become numb, or they can even react to such things with anger, hate, or depression.  Beware!  Beware also of those who bend the truth and those who tells outright lies seeking to promote their agenda.

          "Beware that your hearts are not easily deceived, and that you do not turn away and serve other gods, and worship them."   --Deuteronomy 11:16 (NASB)

     Guard the truth, beware that you are not deceived.  The devil is out there with his lies and deceptions--beware are you live in this evil world.

D.C. Adkisson

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