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Echoes From the Campfire
January 30, 2018

"If civilization was to endure, those who believed in it must be prepared to strike back at the dark forces that would destroy it."
--Louis L'Amour (The Cherokee Trail)

"Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness?"
--2 Corinthians 6:14 (NLT)
"Reality does not play mind games. What is more, if the mind is anesthetized in order to abort what comes to birth when wrong ideas are conceived in the womb of culture, the very life-giving force of the nation that nurtures that idea will die as well."
--Ravi Zacharias

"Persistence is success."
--Joseph Parker

Hard to believe--one month is already down for 2018. Time rushes on. Perhaps you've noticed, I have not said one word regarding resolutions. The reason being is that I wanted to give you time to settle into your routine.
Some say they do not believe in making resolutions. That is a real shame. Goal-setting is important to a productive and healthy life, otherwise people seem to drift aimlessly from here to there, and sometimes back again. As Christians we should always be seeking to improve ourselves in various areas of our lives. We can always improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. Making resolutions help us mark our progress and help us see results.
Then there is that group who mockingly say that "resolutions are made to be broken." That is more of a shame. Christians should never, ever have this mind-set. We should develop discipline and diligence in the fulfillment of our resolutions, especially if they were prayerfully sought then directed by the Holy Spirit.
A resolution is sort of like a vow, though not as stringent or serious. Failure does not negate a vow, the same is true of a resolution. So you didn't lose five pounds in January; February is here so try harder. Pull yourself together, then get resolute about keeping your resolution. If you haven't made any ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of your life where improvement is needed.

D.C. Adkisson

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