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     We sat in our Doctor's Office! My wife had just had a heart attack in a local theater in Pigeon Forge, Tn. She had been on the floor for 7-10 minutes. God had a nurse at the theater at 10:30 in the morning, That was a blessing in itself. The nurse found no breathing, no pulse. I prayed. I cried out to God: "If you have a purpose for her on this earth, Please bring her back, If her purpose is finished-Please take her to heaven."


     The nurse continued to do compressions on Kathy's heart.  The paramedics arrived, The respirations and pulse started, extremely weak. She was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. After she was stabilized, She was taken by ambulance to a Hospital in Knoxville. It was confirmed that she had a heart attack. A surgeon inserted a stint in an artery.The dye used in the process of inserting the stint caused her kidneys to fail, throwing her into dialysis.


     She was given a chance by various nurses and doctors to give her testimony in the hospital about what happened,being clinically and basically gone. After a few days, She was sent home.


     The doctor came in and shook hands with us! And asked her to repeat her story. He read her reports from the doctors and hospitals again slowly ,put the file down, shook his head and grinned.


     He spoke very quietly. "I want you to know that 97% of the people that had a heart attack where your's was located, would have died, just from the heart attack alone. Not counting the time you spent on the floor, with no pulse or respirations". He took Kathy's hand and with goosebumps very visible on his arm's, He said, "I want you to know how blessed by God you are! And, How blessed that you should feel because of what happened. God gave you that second chance to tell others what happened". "You really are Blessed" . He gave her a big hug. He shook hands with me and left.


     God indeed used this for his glory thru Kathy sharing her testimonies what happened. Kathy, a shy,quiet girl shining the light of Jesus, speaking up about what had happened. He gave her that second chance.


     God wants you to know how blessed you are, to have that "second chance". To be able to share your testimony with others about what Jesus Christ has done in your life.


     He HELPS us thru the pains in our lives, to share with others that have been in pain and suffering in what has happened in their lives. God will put people in our path that are hurting.They need to share, They need you to listen!

You are blessed! And God has given you the power to share your hurts, healings and blessings with others today, Share the chance to get goosebumps yourself!


     Blessings and Thanks for reading this!







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