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From a “MESS” to a “MESSAGE”

Special Christmas Message

 by Dr. Jan Harbuck


Surely Mary must have thought she was in “a real mess” after the new wore off the angel’s appearing to her and telling her she was highly favored of God. There were a lot of trials that came with that favor! Nevertheless, Mary kept her faith no matter how much she had to endure to bring forth the Promised One.


Many people of her time probably thought her precious baby, Jesus, was born into a “messy” situation and place (after all, a barn is not usually a tidy place)! In reality, that was true. However, Jesus became THE MESSAGE of all time – our Hope, our Redeemer, and our Rock of Ages.


Let’s consider the shepherds for a moment. Being a shepherd was lonely, weary, usually very boring and tedious work, interspersed with moments of extreme danger. You know what kept those shepherds going? It was hope. God had promised His people that one day He would send the Messiah; and that when the Messiah came, everything would be different. It was that hope burning in their hearts that kept them going.


How about us? Sometimes we become weary. Sometimes we feel we’re in a mess. There are times when we wonder if it’s worthwhile to “keep on keeping on”. But the Lord has promised that one day He will come back. He’s coming for all of us – shepherds, kings, wise men, and peasants. He is coming for His people. He will dry all our tears and take away all our pain. There will be no more death and no more good-byes. And then we’ll say, “It was worth it all! It was worth it all!”


Be encouraged, and know YOU are highly favored of God. Hold on to your vision and the dream God has put in your heart. He called and anointed you, and He will complete that which HE began. In my own life, I can look back and see that many times what I thought was a “mess”, God was working it into a “message of His faithfulness” to me. Don’t give up, because you will reap if you faint not. I pray the coming year will be blessed beyond measure, and that you will be able to proclaim your MESSAGE of how God has brought you through and answered prayer.




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