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If musicians and poets had sponsors, they could share their gifts with more cowboy churches. 

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Oh I fully agree.....Any tips/ideas on "how to", please share with the folks here.

What if the various Cowboy Churches tapped into businesses in their area?

The John Deere dealership, a horse trailer sales center, a feed & seed store, clothing store, lumber yard and

so forth to pay expenses for someone to come in.  Then scheduled a Saturday afternoon Cowboy Lunch event with entertainment at the sponsors location.  The local radio stations could talk about the event and about Cowboy church,

the sponsor gets the publicity and good will from the community and that generates business.  Once someone does that and spreads the word about how successful it was, then other locations can use that success to generate their own sponsors.

I was asked to speak at a Western weekend event in Northern California that brought several different congregations together for a "Cowboy church service."  It has gone on now, for several years.  Just a thought.

The Southern Gospel Artist (quartets) have been doing that for several years using promoters, they call it selling a book. We were invited to one of the events at the visitor and convention center across from the big Casino in Hobbs NM and it went over really well. The only problem was the promoter in this case took about 20% and paid the groups. The venue was donates as a benefit for the Lions Club which got another 20%, The promoter got the remainder plus the love offering. None of us questioned the payout because this had never happpened.

I know what we do isn't for the money but for our Lord and the many lost and week souls. Still it is a business for thoses of us who do this fulltime.

This might be an opppertunity for ICCAN, Churches and Artists to do what no one else is doing and really grow. It would take all of us working together.

Jeff another way to help the ministries is for the artist to also check with the Cowboy Churches or all churches and find out what local ministries they support and in return for having them for a concert the artist could start giving a percentage of what they receive back to that ministery the church supports. That is a win win situation for everyone. I have done that and still do at times.


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