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We are looking at adding a few more dates to our schedule for Aug-Oct. If you would like more info on having Kent Dudley & "Bended Knee" at your church or event, please contact me soon.  

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GREAT!!!  I want to offer a new idea to you.  We are embarking on our 3rd Thanksgiving Feast Celebration this year.  We come together on Thanksgiving Day and serve Thanksgiving Dinner to any and all who want to come and eat.  Last year we added live music and we just had a wonderful day!  I know that will be the week you guys are traveling to different dates in Kentucky.  We had about 3 different people bringing music last year.  If you think that you would like to come and bring some of the music and join in the fellowship on Thanksgiving, I'd love to schedule you for that day as well as a Sunday.  Thanksgiving is on the 22nd and would fit right into your schedule and would also allow you to come together with TCCC and celebrate, praise, eat, fellowship and just give Thanks for ALL that God has given us all.  Pray about it and talk it over with the rest of the gang.  I'll be anxiously awaiting your reply!

This sounds like fun, but really aren't able to set up and tear down quickly, so it may not work well for us.

We have run into issues this summer with being on before and after others, due to the size of our group and our equipment ect... I will talk it over with them and see what they think.  I know we do want to be part of your ministry we will just have to see if this will be the right fit or not.

How long would you have us sing for the Thanksgiving Dinner?  Also will there be a sound system already set up?

I will let you know if I come up with other questions.


Thank you!


Oh, all that can be worked out. You would have plenty of time to set up and tear down. It wouldn't be that structured. Roger Barkley, Jr. will be one of the others singing.  He has a system that he sets up, we have a system we can set between everybody, it would all work out fine.  We usually serve from about 11am to 2pm.  You would have at least around 30 to 50 minutes or so.  We kinda just let the Lord lead last year and it was phenominal.  I just know that it would be such a blessing for you guys to be there!

ok, I will talk to the guys and see what they say.  I am still trying to get ahold of Kat to see where all she has us plugged in while we are down there. 

As soon as I know that I will let you know, I will try to call her now.  I am so looking foward to meeting you!!

I'll be anxiously awaiting to hear back from you!  I am sooooo excited and I can't wait to meet you either!  God sure is good with this journey He has us on.  I am loving serving Him everyday!!!

It is a journey too, I find that sometimes too many Christians think it is just a slow, lazy day walk that we are on, just waiting for our time to go to heaven...but man are they missing it!!! We are having fun, and it sure isn't boring being a follower of Christ!

AMEN AND AMEN!!!!  Each day holds something new!  Sometimes I get up and think, wonder what today holds?  Do we get tired, of course, but I wouldn't change a thing!  I plan on getting as much heaven here on earth as I can cause the bible tells me that He walks with me daily, not just after I close my eyes in death here!!!  They are missing out.  And way too many christians are content with occupying a pew on Sunday and then being left alone the rest of the week.  How sad that they are content with cheating themselves out of God's blessings He so readily pours out on us when we strive to be like Him and be about our Father's business!  What a ride!  My seat belt is fastened, my arms are up in the air and I'm shouting Hallelujah around every curve on this roller coaster ride!

Kent talked to Kat this morning, we have decided that we do want to join you on Thanksgiving! Hoping we can make it all work out.. We look forward to helping in anyway we can. 



BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!  Thanksgiving will be a blessing I'm sure!  Have you decided on your Sunday date?  Do you want the Sunday before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving?  Do I need try and schedule you other dates or is Kat doing that?

let me see if I can get Kat to somehow see this and join in the discussion.

I just emailed Kat to see if she could join this discussion... she can help us figure it out


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