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We are looking at adding a few more dates to our schedule for Aug-Oct. If you would like more info on having Kent Dudley & "Bended Knee" at your church or event, please contact me soon.  

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My name is Patricia Maddox.  I am the worship leader for Triple Crown Cowboy Church.  We are always welcoming those to come and minister with us whose hearts are set on serving the Lord.  


We have been up and running about 3 years now and we are a small congregation that is growing.  We are centered around outreaching in our community.  During the summer/warmer months, we meet in a local park in Frankfort in a pavilion.  We are afforded the opportunity to reach those where softball games are going on, people are jogging, and kids are playing on the playground.  It allows the gospel to be given to those who are not even aware that they need Jesus Christ.  Some will stop and listen just out of curiosity and sometimes, the Lord will have a word just specifically for them that night and they didn’t even know they were needing it.  God always shows Himself in spades.   We are just on fire for the Lord and although we are not lavished with a lot monetarily, God meets every need we have to carry out the Gospel as He sends us to do it.  A lot of our regular attendees are not lavished with money.  We offer a ‘come as you are’ environment and just love you no matter where you are from!  There will always be no strings attached except the ones attached to our hearts as God brings those that need Him into our family.  In fact we target those areas where there are people that society has forgotten or thrown to the side for whatever reason!  We WANT them and we WILL LOVE them.  We meet on Thursday nights.  Being that said, we are not afforded the opportunity to pay our special guests at present time, but we will take up a love offering and you are more than welcome to set up and sell any of your products to support your ministry.  I would love to schedule you to come and minister with us.


I am awaiting your reply as you pray about this and seek God’s direction in coming to minister in testimony and song with us.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Serving Christ Together,

~~Trish Maddox


Triple Crown Cowboy Church

Worship Leader


Home Phone: 502-352-1092

Cell Phone: 502-229-0040





Thank you for the message.  We have sent this on to Kat Love.  She is our booking agent.  We would love the opportunity to come down to KY.


We will be praying about it, and we will see if we can make it work out by adding a few more locations along the way.


God Bless,


Please feel free to contact Kat Love with Faith Music Promotions if you would like to have us in your church.

OFFICE  336-909-5127   CELL  336-909-4424

If your interested in having a ministry band come to your cowboy church service, please be sure to check out our page, and our website as well.

We will come on a free will love offering, a boot, hat or bucket set out for those that would like to support our ministry.


We have a very powerful story of grace, forgivness and healing...please take a moment to check out what our group, Bended Knee offers.


Thank you and God Bless,


Kent, I'm still interested in getting you booked with Triple Crown Cowboy Church in Frankfort, Kentucky.  I did contact Kat, but still haven't gotten you booked with us.  If you are still interested in coming, please contact me back.  I would LOVE to get you on our schedule.  There are several Cowboy Churches going on throughout the week that are close to us.  Maybe I can get you scheduled with some of them as well if you like.  Just contact me and we can work on some dates.


Serving Christ Together,

Trish Maddox

Worship Leader for Triple Crown Cowboy Church


We have just given Kat our travel dates, so I am pretty sure she will be contacting you.  But if she doesn't here is what we are looking at, We would leave MN Nov 15th.  We would like you booked for sure, and if we could get some other churches that would be great.

We have to be home in MN by Nov 26th.

I can book this myself and let Kat know what we have going on.  Just let me or her know how that works for you all down there, and we will pencil you in!


God bless,

Shantel Dudley

We are looking at a tour down to Frankfurt KY, Nashville TN,  and anywhere within a few hours of those locations in Nov.  Please contact me or Kat Christoper here on ICCAN if you would like our ministry in your church or venue.


Thank you and God Bless


GREAT!!!!  Shantel, we have Thursday, November 1st & 29th open.  We have since started a Sunday morning ministry at the Men's Access Shelter in Frankfort.  I will say that Sunday mornings, we don't take up a love offering because of the nature of where we are for those services.  However, if you feel led to come and minister to these wonderful people we have met here, then I would love to schedule you on a Sunday morning as well.  I understand that it takes money to travel and I will understand if you can't do a sunday morning.  So pray about that and if the Lord leads you to come on a Sunday morning, then I have November 4th, 18th, & 25th open.  If any of these dates work for you, let me know and I'll get you on the schedule.  If you need me to contact some of the local Cowboy Churches in my area, let me know that too.  Currently we have services in surrounding areas on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (that's us), every other Saturday, & Sunday morning (that's us too).  So I will do my best to help get you set up with the others as well.  I am awaiting your reply.  Feel free to contact me by email, phone or text info provided below.


Serving Christ Together,

Trish Maddox

Worship Leader

Triple Crown Cowboy Church


Cell Phone: 502-229-0040

Home Phone: 502-352-1092

You had mentioned the 1st and 29th.  We will be leaving Minnesota the 15th of Nov. So we have the 16th-25th open.  If we could make it work on one of those dates that would be great, and yes, we want to make sure we get to your shelter...that is why we are adding Frankfurt on our stops!

We love everyone, but hear that not many will come due to no love offering, well we know the Lord will provide for us elsewhere if He chooses to, but Kent and I have a heart for the homeless and down and out, so we decided to add Frankfurt because of your heart towards them as well.


We are going to call Kat today and let her know you have the 15th and 25th open and ask her if she would schedule us around those days.

I will let you know as soon as I hear from her.


Shantel Dudley

Sunday's that are open in November would be the 18th and the 25th.  I can contact our locals for you and get you scheduled the week before or the week after one of those dates.  I will be glad to take care of that for you since we are all very close locally in our Cowboy Church Network.  I see them all the time and we have a wonderful kinship and friendship!  They are my family.  If you want to pick one of those dates then I can work on getting the rest ironed out for you.  We work together to schedule those from out of state as many bookings as we can so that it will benefit everybody.

Our Thursday, the 15th is booked.  Our Sunday's of the 18th & 25th are open.


Hello, I think that Kat is out of town possibly.  We haven't heard from her for a few days, so thinking I should not set one of the dates in stone until we hear from her.  she has been busy working on this schedule so I wouldn't want to double book till we know what she has done.

It will be one of those 2 Sundays that we will book though.  We are already announcing our plans on our facebook page, and we have told our band that we will be traveling those dates down to you, so we are planning it for sure.

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