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How do horses confront?  When? Do they get angry or hold grudges?  Why do they confront?   Interesting to ponder their style of confrontation and rebuke... it looks just like the way Jesus taught us to confront or rebuke and with the same desired outcome... RESTORATION of UNITY... THRIVING...SUCCESS IN LIFE.  Jesus came to confront... He came to restore and save the lost... He never looked away... from the bad or the good.  What can we learn from comparing the two styles...  Horses have one focus...for the herd to thrive.  The horse is the only animal that is 'taxed' by the US government for being too successful.  They take the young wild mustangs and sell them to keep the numbers down.  Wild horses are thriving in the face of shrinking territory and hostile environments.  What can we, the Church, learn about Confrontation and Unity from the Wild Mustangs?  Interesting thought... Jesus confronted the positive as well as the negative... He confronted people about what they were doing right! (The centurian) He highlighted faith as well as sin.  He never passed up the opportunity to confront...  ***But... He also made it clear that only one's qualified in their own lives should confront.  First check your own heart and fruit; are you a living example of the fruits of the spirit?  If not; it's not your place to confront others.  Horses only confront when they are able to do it.  They have earned the right.  Any horse can, but only those who are mature and respected by the herd will act.  Tell me what you've wittnessed concerning correction in the herd and what we see taught in the Word.

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Horses start their confrontation with a look, and ear, a flattened head, they move in... then kick.  How would that apply to how we should confront?  When to they use force?  When do they get very aggressive?  When did Jesus move in?  When did he get aggresive?  What happens right after confrontation?

Horses positively confront by standing side by side, mutual grooming, watching over sleeping horses, etc. How can we positively confront people?  What happens after positive confrontation?

Correction in the herd: I have two mares, separated by a fence. Both are dominant. One tries to reach her head across to the other's area and did get away with stealing her food once. We moved the bucket but recently I looked over and the mare that had been stolen from kicked her heels at the fence where the thief mare was. Horses definitely have their own style of confrontation. Both of these mares are competitive w/ each other but angels with me! So they'll confront and compete w/ each other but respect me.  They're such interesting animals to deal with and there are bible lessons in all they do!

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